In loving memory of
Dottie Johnson
9/11/1990 to 12/5/2017
Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education Administration and pending Masters of Arts in Teaching and  Learning with Technologhy (MATLT)
9 Years Experience with ARISE

A Secure Environment

Of all our concerns and services, your child's safety is number one. The facilities and playground are highly secure, our staff,  and all our teachers are state certified.  Contact us at 310-938-2284 to speak with us about our day care programs and facilities.

Combining early learning with superior child care, ARISE Family Childcare Center 
 is one of the most respected centers
in the greater Gardena region. Children are provided with ample room to play and explore with plenty of personal attention and care from our staff.

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A Brighter Experience

It is important to encourage children to reach their maximum potential. ARISE believes that
starting early provides them with additional
confidence and a sense of being.

Our Mentors,
(left to right) 
Mother Watts, former Preschool teacher, and Mama aka Elma taught us the business.